Now you have signed up to participate in the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon, you are probably wondering what next! It is really important that you prepare yourself for the event as well as have fun and enjoy the experience.

To help you prepare for the big day we asked Anne Jenkins, the MD at the Terry Hills Swim School and experienced Kids Triathlon instructor, for some swim tips.



How should Kids train for the Swim Leg?
Training needs to be over distance so train over 100 / 200 metres at one time  always finish with some sprints because when you are surrounded by lots of other swimmers you will need to get ahead of the pack by sprinting.

Tips on perfecting your freestyle technique 
Always work on the length of your stroke – long and slow rather than short and fast. Only use a strong kick when sprinting otherwise a 2 to 4 beat kick per stroke.

How do you practice your breathing?
Work on exhaling through your nose and breathing in through your month. Try and do swim sets of breathing every 5 and then 3 strokes per breath.

On the day how is best to prepare & warm up?
Always start with drinking water, as a lot of fluid is lost doing triathlons. Warm up with a slow jog or swim, add a few little sharp sprints then a stretch.

What is best to eat the night before?
Do not overeat. Your food must be plain with vegetables , pasta or rice. Do not eat rich foods!

Any other tips?
Enjoy the experience  – whatever pain you experience during the race will quickly disappear when you cross the finish line!!

Good luck!

Training Videos

Looking for more tips or training techniques, be sure to check out our website or watch our Youtube channel.