Razor Fun Fitness Training Tips

The Razor team have some great tips to increase the fitness levels of you and your support team in the lead up to the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon.


Completing a Kids TRYathlon can seem hard if you haven’t participated before or aren’t confident in your fitness level.


Being fit and strong overall will help your training progress in each of the Kids TRYathlon legs. So even if you can’t get to the pool or take your bike with you, any exercise you can add to your every day life will benefit you.


As with most fitness activities, the key to sticking with it is to make it regular and fun. The amount of swimming, cycling and running you will do in the Kids TRYathlon will depend on your age:


Age Swim Cycle Run
11 – 15 150m* 6km* 1km*
7 – 10 75m* 3km* 500m*


*approximate distances – may vary slightly with each location

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  • Train with a Buddy (a friend or family member). Whatever their fitness level – they can scooter alongside you for extra encouragement and give you advice as you train. Imagine how fun Kids TRYathlon training can be when you add in your favourite activities and a training buddy as well?
  • There’s lots of ways to add a little more exercise into the week for you and your training buddies. This can be as simple as not jumping in the car or bus and walking or scootering to places like school, park, and shops, or kicking the ball around the park, playing tennis, going surfing etc.
  • Just keep going! If you’re feeling tired, try slowing down your pace for a count of 30 seconds, before starting again. That way, you’ve kept moving and won’t find it as hard to get back into it.
  • Add some music! Your favourite tunes can make anything more fun plus you can get to know the words in time for the big day. Singing the lyrics in your head during the actual Kids TRYathlon course is another great way to keep yourself paced.



  • Lead by example and train with them! If running isn’t your strong suit or you don’t have access to a bike, scootering with your child as they learn to run is a great way to help them. Razor have a great range of scooters including adult suitable models.
  • Start them slow with age appropriate distances.
  • Teach them about pacing so the distances feel more manageable. This is where being alongside them is particularly helpful, to give them advice as they go.
  • Water, fuel and rest are all equally important to little bodies.
  • Lots of encouragement, mini milestones and rewards will build a positive experience.


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