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Audrey F, 7, WA

Audrey F7, WA

Wanting to train to be an all round athlete. And to be the best she can be

Seb M, 12, VIC

Seb M12, VIC

My brother and sister have wanted to do a triathlon since I did my first one in 2014. I did a few triathlon and really like the ones you do at home. I can spend time with my family and we can cheer each other on. We swam after our morning swim squad races, then rode our bikes, and ran around our local lake. We had a great time!

Molly S, 8, TAS

Molly S8, TAS

Molly conquered her fear of speed by tackling the renowned St Helen’s Mountain Bike trails on her new big kid bike. Not only did she figure out gears, big wheels and tricky trails but she overcome her fear of speed and downhills and was leading the family pack (4 boys) by the end of the day. What a Weet Bix Try Champ!!

Alexander P, 11, VIC

Alexander P11, VIC

Alexander ran this event from lane 2. He dug deep to overtake both his brother and cousin on the bend. It was a close race, but his confident and steady strides allowed him to take out this event! Go Alexander!