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Liam B, 9, QLD

Liam B9, QLD

Hamish L, 9, NSW

Hamish L9, NSW

My name is Hamish, I am 9, I loving swimming, running and riding but I have never completed a triathlon…… until this week! My sister and I made up a course at the local pool and through the local bush land. It was great fun completing the course, we had to stop to see the kangaroos during our run. Thanks for running the TRYDIY!

Nate N, 11, VIC

Nate N11, VIC

I chose to complete my Weetbix TRYDIY on my recent long weekend away in Bonnie Doon. Dad and I rode the Rail Trail and I rode 40 kms over two days from Mansfield to Bonnie Doon return. The first day was so hard as the temperature was 35 degrees but the following day was only 19 degrees, it was much easier. Then mum and I swam 15 laps totalling 150m in the Airbnb pool. I finished with a 1km run when we returned home to complete my TRYDIY 2021. It was hard but I’m glad I did it. Nate.

Caleb D, 5, NSW

Caleb D5, NSW

Caleb learnt to ride his bicycle without training wheels during lockdown and is now cycling like a champ. He has always loved running and joins mum on her morning runs very often. He has recently learnt to swim too. He was so excited to put all of his skills to the test and had the time of his life getting out and about in the bush to push himself to new limits. His uncles and aunts compete in triathlons in various parts of the world and so he was very inspired to keep it in the family!

Charlie L, 10, VIC

Charlie L10, VIC

Charlie decided to mix her DIYTRY up including; swimming in the outdoor pool, mountain bike riding and running up the stairs!!
Charlie loves to give anything a go, from Basketball to Gymnastics she is always on the go and loved being able to participate!

Ethan D, 11, NSW

Ethan D11, NSW

Ethan’s TRY DIY was teaching his litle brother who is only 4 to swim the length of the pool for the very first time. He succeeded in doing so, and both definitely deserved a medal after this.