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Sofia and Bridget M, 12, WA

Sofia and Bridget M12, WA

Super Sisters Bridget (7) and Sofia (12) smashed out the Weetbix Tryathlon at Wesley in Perth. They worked as a team and succeeded, even after a nasty spill on the bike leg! So proud of them both!

Heidi W, 5, SA

Heidi W5, SA

A few laps around the block and then off to the local pool for more laps! A fun way to spend the school holidays for Mac & Heidi (8 & 5 years old). Legends!

I also jumped off the dive board!

Charlotte D, 7, VIC

Charlotte D7, VIC

Four cousins competed in this triathlon. This is the youngest participant, warming up for the races!

Jacob A, 7, VIC

Jacob A7, VIC

Swimming is a great way to stay active during the summer school holidays!