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Olivia B, 6, QLD

Olivia B6, QLD

Rode 10km from home to park, ran 400m round the park, then home for
a 25m swim!

We were late setting off so top temp during the run was 31degrees!!

Happy kids giving it A try!!

Abigail T, 12, NSW

Abigail T12, NSW

Hi my name is Abigail, I’ve done the triathlon once before and this year is my second time. Although, as we all know, things had to be completely different due to Covid. The new triathlon diy has allowed me to exercise a lot more. I ran 1km and cycled 6km. I strived to do my best during the whole time. Even though it has been tiring, I made it in the end. Hope whoever reading this has a safe and Merry Christmas. 👍🏻

Mattheus D, 7, QLD

Mattheus D7, QLD

This is Mattheus’ first year of giving it a go! Covid has stopped us before… but not this time! So proud of his effort. Can’t wait for the next round!

Mitchell P, 8, QLD

Mitchell P8, QLD

Me smashing out my – bike, run, swim plus high dive and always winning no matter what, while having a ball with my family and my Mum is my biggest fan lol