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Riley & Ella C, 9, NSW

Riley & Ella C9, NSW

My son Riley aged 9 and daughter Ella aged 7, made up their own mini triathlon course including a swim across the dam.,

Ethan R, 8, VIC

Ethan R8, VIC

Today I rode 10km around my neighbourhood with my Dad for my cycling segment of the Weet-Bix Try DIY. I can’t wait until I can do the real Weet-bix Tryathlon.

Evie G, 10, NSW

Evie G10, NSW

Evie loves running and cycling around our property.

Noah, Caleb + Jonah W, 10, NSW

Noah, Caleb + Jonah W10, NSW

We are 3 brothers who love to be active!
We measured our pool and street and made the following course.

Swim- 10 laps of the pool- 80m
Bike- 20 laps of our street- 2KM
Run- 10 laps of our street- 1KM

We had so much fun doing the TRY DIY!!

Noah, Caleb and Jonah

Jaxon W, 6, WA

Jaxon W6, WA

Jaxon wanted to do the Try DIY but wasn’t sure how he could win if it was just him competing! We invited some friends to join in and they had a wonderful time. Only one other completed the full triathlon, a couple of the others did one or two legs. We started with the bike ride, then the run, then the swim to finish off on a hot Summer day. Jaxon will be very surprised and excited when his shirt and medal arrive. Jaxon can’t wait to try a real Tryathlon when the events are run again!

Noah O, 8, QLD

Noah O8, QLD

Curry kids And siblings Noah, Oliver Christian and Diana absolutely love the water. They started their week off with a swim. Although Diana is only 3 she can only swim 5m’s compared to her brothers 25m swim

Riley B, 10, NSW

Riley B10, NSW

We decided that it was time to get out and about whilst the rain had stopped and whilst running with my mum my little brother got stuck getting up the hill so I lent my legs and have a him a push to the top

Liam M, 9, QLD

Liam M9, QLD

Started with the run leg at Noosa. Ran 10×50 sprints on the beach.

Beautiful location arrived for sun rise. Liam enjoyed running on an almost empty Noosa Main Beach.

Will do the swim leg next.

Hayley G, 13, ACT

Hayley G13, ACT

Hayley will run every morning within our street before getting ready for school. The distance is 3.64km (11 laps) and takes her 23 mins. She gets many inspiring comments from neighbours.

She started during lock down with 2 laps and now runs 11 full laps.