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Riley & Ella C, 9, NSW

Riley & Ella C9, NSW

My son Riley aged 9 and daughter Ella aged 7, made up their own mini triathlon course including a swim across the dam.,

Oscar H, 7, NSW

Oscar H7, NSW

Oscar is an active kid who loves all sport. He hopes to one day race in a triathlon and win a medal.

Noah O, 8, QLD

Noah O8, QLD

Curry kids And siblings Noah, Oliver Christian and Diana absolutely love the water. They started their week off with a swim. Although Diana is only 3 she can only swim 5m’s compared to her brothers 25m swim

Spenny D, 6, QLD

Spenny D6, QLD

This session went ride 2km, run 1km, swim 75m, so finished with swim to prevent swim to shoe transition, but maintained bike to run 😂